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Made in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
Brewed with care using direct-sourced, hand-picked 
Chinese teas from small family farms.

Currently available only in Minnesota.

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About Prohibition Kombucha

The Twin Cities' first non-alcoholic Kombucha served on tap made with direct sourced, hand picked Chinese teas from small family farms with rare botanicals, tropical fruits, and the cleanest SCOBY cultivated this side of the Prime Meridian.

Using modern brewing & winemaking techniques, this long fermented and perfectly aged tea tonic is crisp, complex, and exquisitely refreshing.

The texture, aroma, and flavor reflect the mountains, forests, soils, and waters - the unique terroir - where our teas are grown. Each flavor is carefully crafted to amplify each tea's identity and seasonality.

Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, less than 1g of sugar per ounce, and has no more than 45 calories per 12oz bottle.

Prohibition is so delicious, even fussy kids drink it with reckless abandon.

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Find us at these fine establishments:

Agra Culture - Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Bauhaus Brew Labs
Birchwood Cafe
Dogwood Coffee, St. Paul
Eastside Co-op, Northeast Minneapolis
Fair State Brewing Co-op
IN Spirits
The Goodness Coffeehouse, Willmar, MN
Lakewinds Co-op, All Locations
Mazopiya Natural Foods, Prior Lake
Mill Valley Kitchen
Naked Nina's, St. Paul
Quixotic Coffee, St. Paul
Red Wagon Pizza
Seward Co-op, All Locations
SIMPLS (Downtown Skyway)
Tamarack Tap Room, Woodbury

Audacious Alchemy
Barley & Vine
Community Keg House, NE MPLS
Dangerous Man Brewing Company
Dogwood Coffee East Lake Street
Eastside Co-op, Northeast Minneapolis
Foxy Falafel
Golden Fig Fine Foods, St. Paul
Good Earth Coop, St. Cloud
Heirloom, St. Paul
Kowalski's Markets, All Locations
Kopplin's Coffee, St. Paul
Marin Restaurant & Bar
Mazopiya Natural Foods, Prior Lake
Nina's Coffee Cafe, St. Paul
Norseman Distillery
Ramen Kazama
United Noodles
The Wedge Community Co-op
The Wedge Table
Whole Foods Market
Yoga Center of Minneapolis, St. Louis Park

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